Change up your clothing to be more present in your life

I remember reading that if you want to be present in your everyday life you should change your routine. It doesn’t have to be drastic it could be brushing your teeth with you other hand or taking a different route to work. The change from auto pilot actually makes you more aware of your surroundings and what YOU are doing. This article refered to it as Inspired Living, which I Love. and it noted the added benefit of instilling creativity.

What if this same idea was applied to getting dressed? Would we be more creative, inspired and present in our day? Once a week, more if you like, do something “wild” and different in your look. What is “wild” will differ for person to person, for some it may mean trying a bold accessory or different jacket.

Intermix vest dress, Anthropologie Necklace
Statement Necklace Anthropologie, Intermix sweater vest dress


Classic Cotton Silk Sheath by Magaschoni Brown Vegan Leather Vintage Bomber Jacket











I like to add something out of the ordinary with a pattern, usually a vintage dress,

Vintage 60’s Floral house dress
Sears Vintage Plaid Jacket Pucci Sunglasses

jacket, shoes or jewelry.

Ceramic glazed beads necklace from Slovakia, Europe

When we do something “special” or change up our outfit it feels exciting and new.

Would love to know what you tried. Carpe Diem



Author: Frock On Blogger

I AM NOT and do not profess to be an expert in fashion, clothing or clothing history. My background includes retail, buying, wholesaler, manufacturer and designer. The 1980’s and 90’s fashion and music greatly influenced my interest in fashion.