Why you should care about having the right undergarments

Ladies, my last post about the little black dress, reminded me about the importance of having the correct undergarments. Having worked in intimate apparel for more years than i care to admit ;), has left me with one thought. Undergarments can make or break an outfit…


Here is a simple test, grab a tee and or button down blouse. Then, get a comfy sports bra or bra-lette(yes, that one we wear on weekends that are stretchy) and a tee-shirt bra(molded, not padded, smooth). Try on your sports bra with the tee or blouse…now with the t-shirt bra. Which look is better? 




The t-shirt bra.

 Let’s have a better understanding of what is happening visually and physically. The cup, if it fits correctly, contains all your breast tissue, front and center. When the breast tissue is raised off the rib cage and out from under the armpit it makes one look longer and leaner.  Voila, you have gained a waist and lost several pounds. 

Now if you want to create the illusion of being a bit fuller i recommend Natori, “Pure Luxe” with wide straps or “Understated” with spaghetti straps. The main thing for all cup sizes is to make sure you have enough coverage that you get a smooth line, no “double boob”.  For D-G ladies try Natori’s “Element” , Chantelle’s  “Magnifigue” or “Parisian” these are lovely, smooth cup bras that contain your breast, front and center, again creating a sleeker look with out adding anything.



You can also find a excellent reference fitting guide and Q&A from Nordstrom here.

Many heavier garments sweaters, blazers layering of clothing can make you look shapless. The right bra will change that. Start with the best quality nude bra you can afford and see the difference it makes.




If you want any outfit to look better from your favorite jeans and a tee to the formal dress. Spend some time and money on what’s underneath. In addition to the large department stores, most cities have boutiques that are knowledgable in bra fitting. If you have an opportunity to visit the flagship Saks Fifth Avenue, in New York City, please go! It is wonderful to have almost an entire floor dedicated to underpinnings.

Look as great underneath the  dress as you do with it on. Dress for yourself. Please go get fit and get the best t-shirt bra you can afford. You won’t regret it. 

Now when do i get to wear the pretty lace bras?…to be continued


The thoughts and suggestions in this post are exclusively mine. I did not get paid or endorsed by any company or person. I did work at Nordstrom and several boutiques, as a bra specialist, many years ago. 

Shout out to Unsplash for photos. Photographers are listed respectively, Seth-Doyle, Caique-Silva, Brook-Cagle, Yoann-Boyer, Hust Wilson, Scott Webb, Larm-Rmah and Catherine-McMah.


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