Are you Out Plaid by pattern? 3 Easy ideas to make them work for you


60’s Wool Zip Front Dress

Not sure what pattern to wear to mix things up? You can’t go wrong with plaid. Plaid’s history is long and interesting Fashion Archives did a beautiful job explaining the history. Here are three easy tips that work with plaid and most prints.

Anthropologie Moulinette Soeurs Dress Vintage Japanese Cardigan

1)Pick the minor color in the pattern and accent with that. In the example above, this Anthropologie, Moulinette Soeurs dress has a blue lining. Add a blue cardigan… voila.

2)Black boots any height shape or size work well. Classic as plaid itself.


Vintage Doc Martens Red Patent Leather Organic Cotton Green 3 Skirt Denim Trucker jacket

Want to take it up a notch Doc Martens from England in red patent leather. Add a classic rock and roll look. Not your thing?



Leather ballet flats

Ballet flats to the rescue.


3) Denim jacket or denim button down shirt. A denim trucker jacket or blazer always complete the look. A denim shirt also works well and can be tied in a knot in the front. 

Organic Cotton Made in USA Four panel sweater skirt by Green 3


Have a beautiful day 🙂

Green 3 skirt is new from the manufacturer and on sale at my eBay store, along with the two plaid dresses and vintage cardigan.



Author: Frock On Blogger

I AM NOT and do not profess to be an expert in fashion, clothing or clothing history. My background includes retail, buying, wholesaler, manufacturer and designer. The 1980’s and 90’s fashion and music greatly influenced my interest in fashion.